TRI ELECTRONICS was formed to provide the jewelry store, pawn broker, appraiser and anyone related to the jewelry industry with innovative, useful, hi-tech instruments to help them in everyday operation of the business. Our goal is to develop and implement new high quality tooling to traditionally old fashion industry by delivering new tools to the end user. That provide them with increased safety, saving of time, and increase productivity.

Our innovative products has long standing reputation for quality, reliability and long service life. We constantly continue to improve our existing products and planning to introduce in the near future some unique products.

About Our Gold Testers

For very longtime, jewelers had to rely on acid testing to measure the gold content of jewelry piece. Traditionally this procedure involved making a scratch mark on a touchstone with both the article to be tested and a known standard. The gold content was determined by comparing how acids of different strengths reacted to the scratch marks. Tri Electronics with introduction of electronic gold testers took the trickery and magic away from gold testing procedure. The current method is much simpler, more convenient, and safer. Standard alloys are generally used for making the different karats of gold. Each of these gold alloys reacts differently with our ecologically safe electrically conductive gel. By measuring this electrochemical reaction, our electronic gold testers can determine the gold content much better and more precisely than any other comparable product on the market.